Maria is an inspiring and motivational rural entrepreneur who took the time to share the amazing ups and downs of her journey as owner of Eco Chic. She also shares the blessings, gifts and heartbreak of sharing her journey as a foster parent

and the difficult journey that road took for them as she and her husband Tate worked through adoption.  It’s sad and beautiful at the same time. 

The foster journey she and her husband Tate took is sandwiched in with her rollercoaster life as an entrepreneur running her Eco Chic store.  She’s overcome near bankruptcy and went on to see amazing success with adventures and ideas that were new and innovative. Her story of tenacity and trying to make ends meet is something to hear. 

The faith that Maria has kept despite the difficulties in her journey has been impressive. That faith also has played a big role in everything she’s done and continues to do.  How she listens with her faith and keeps it strong despite the struggles is such a gift and another beautiful part of her story. 

Maria grew up in rural South Dakota and lives in Rural North Dakota.  Her business, Eco Chic located in West Fargo is a boho, farmhouse, home decor, furniture, and decorating business.  It’s a great place to find gifts and inspired ideas to decorate your home.   

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Krysti Mikkonen is the owner of Rural Gold, a business located in rural South Dakota offering website development and coaching services for small to medium-sized rural businesses.