In today’s episode of the rural entrepreneurs, gold, you’re going to meet Greg Franklin, also known by some as the cheesecake ninja in his rural town of Perryville, Missouri, a town of about 8500. Greg is going to share how this guy, who didn’t really bake took an odd interest in cheesecake from a mere Facebook post.

After trying many different recipes, multiple online sales, and many direct sale door knocks and failing miserably multiple times, he kept at it.  He would try various recipes and techniques and persistently tried selling online and to other businesses.  Slowly but surely he was having some good success on this side gig. It was working. His hobby brought him joy and a nice added bonus income.  His “real” job gave him security with benefits, but he didn’t love it.  That’s ok though because he could keep that for security and his side job brought him joy and he loved that people loved what he made. 

Then one day at his real job things changed and he got fired.  Ironically, he was fired on National Cheesecake Day.   Those around him encouraged him to open a bakery.  This was his chance and so many others believed he could make it work. 

You’ll hear how Greg turned that interest into a full-time business. The ups, downs, tips, and suggestions he has for starting a business. I love this story of perseverance patience, persistence, hard work, and humility. I hope you like it too.

If you’d like more information about the Cheesecake Ninja, you can check it out and assassinate you cravings here.Feel free visit him and be sure to tell him where you heard about his amazing cheesecakes!

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