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No matter where you are, city or rural, South Dakota or South Carolina, New Underwood or New York, we are here for you fo website design services, coaching, social media & more. 


Website Design, coaching & more

Digital marketing isn’t in everyone’s wheelhouse. Our goal is to guide you through our specialty so you can focus on your specialty.  We hope to provide you the peace of mind and guidance to find the gold in your business.  

At Rural Gold, we liken what we do for our customers to what a farmer does in farming.  

  • Good websites are like quality fertile soil.  A website gives your business a great digital marketing base to start from. 
  • Seeds planted grow to cash crops are like seeds of content and story telling in blog posts or email marketing help grow a crop of customers.
  • Cultivating or spraying crops to eliminate weeds is similar to how search engine optimization (SEO) strategies help your content showcase above the weeds of competitor websites.
  • Fertilizer enriches the soil with nourishment just as social media marketing enhances & reinforces the website content. 
  • Crop consultants and/or agronomists working to get the best crops is like the coaching and cultivating of dreams & ideas to help your business.  

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What are you waiting for?  Give your business the website that will give your customers the experience they deserve that will drive customers to your website and will get them coming back again and again.

website development

A good website is as important to good business as quality soil is to a farmer for good crops.  A quality website speaks for and represents your business every single second of every day.  Your website doesn’t ever call in sick and it’s always there when your customers need to make a purchase, an appointment, directions to your business or need information.


Social media marketing

When a farmer adds good fertilizer to their fields the crops are better, social media marketing is your fertilizer.  Social Media platforms allow you to stay in front of and relevant for your current and future customers.  You can provide information as well as listen to their needs,  The more you interact with and listen the better chance you have to draw buyers in over and over again.  It’s vital to pay attention to what’s being said about you and to respond well.  Social helps keep your brand relevant and present.  Social media marketing is great fertilizer to grow a healthy crop of customers.



Good farmers hire consultants & agronomists to work with them studying their soil and nutrients to do what’s best for the soil.  Rural Gold can be your consultant, coach and cultivator to help you get results.  If you have dreams and ideas for your business, maybe you need help bringing them to life?  If you have the desire, we have the strategy to get you there.  We’ll coach you and help you cultivate your dreams and ideas into reality. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help guide you to get it.


Story telling content

Good content that tells your story to bring in customers & clients is like seeds that sprout and produce good crops. From the time we are born, most everyone is drawn into stories. Stories hold our attention and keep us captivated and wanting more. Everyone has a story and knowing how to tell it in that captivating way isn’t easy for everyone to do. We’ll help you tell your story that keeps customers wanting to come back for more.



 Our Path to Your Gold

Research & Analysis

We learn about our clients before we begin any selling, proposing or building.  If we don’t know you, know your customers & know your goals, we clearly won’t know how to best help you.

Roadmap planning

Once we have the necessary background, we can move forward to create the digital roadmap plan for success..  

Execute & Monitor

We’ll create a solution that will represent you in a way that makes your customers feel like they know you, trust you and have their best interest in mind.  We’ll follow-up & watch to ensure everything works as you envisioned. 

Build your Road to GoLd in a Trusted Company 

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