You need SEO to find your gold

Search engine optimization, SEO strategies are vital.    You can’t find gold if you can’t be found. Businesses looking to be found online NEED SEO.  You can’t afford not to implement good SEO strategies. We help with these top 3 SEO strategies.

#1 technical flow

Website meta tags are website code that isn’t seen by users, but gives a summary of a pages content to search engines.  All pages, images, videos, graphs & any content need proper metadata. Other crucial technical flow SEO strategies are website load speed, clean code & sitemaps.

#2 content is gold

The more pages of content you have on your website related to the search terms typed into Google and other search engines, the better your site will rank.  This is why it’s important to continually add content to your website.  It’s been said that a magic number is 100 pages of good content.

#3 Links

The more links from other people’s websites pointing to yours, the higher your website will come up in the search engines.  This SEO strategy If those links are from websites related to your industry, even better.  Internal links between pages of your own website are also important.


Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to Hubspot, up to 90% of traffic originates from a search engine.  In addition, 64% of people use search to influence their I-want-to-buy moments according to Think with Google.


website traffic is from Search engines


Return Users

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 Good SEO strategies are important so that finding your website isn’t like looking for a needle in a haystack.    






Good SEO Strategies Bring Traffic

There are a number of reasons to use good SEO strategies to bring in traffic to your website.  The number one reason is that your website is your digital property.  Why is this important?

If you rely solely on outside website properties that you don’t own, like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you lose control.  What happens if all your content is only on those other websites and their site goes down, you get blocked or lose the content somehow.  You have no recourse and if one or more of those outside sources is your only source of traffic, you could hurt for business pretty quickly.

If you’re capturing followers and not email addresses or working to encouraging traffic to your website you’re losing vital marketing opportunities.

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