Jordan Phillips is more than a cross-country runner.  She’s also more than a sister, daughter of a cancer survivor, and high school senior.  And she’s more than a heck of an eloquent speaker.  Jordan is an entrepreneur who at 12 years old had a product she created selling in over 2000 Walmart Stores across the country.

In today’s episode of The Rural Entrepreneur’s Gold, you’re going to meet an incredibly inspiring, impressive, and articulate young lady. Phillips shares with us the story of her journey through her mom’s cancer, how it impacted her family, and how it led her to raise over $120,000 to date that started with a sewing machine she got in kindergarten.

We hear stories of how cancer patients are doing in treatment, but sometimes we forget to ask those around them.  Jordan shares how she learned of her mom’s cancer, how she coped, and what helped her and her family.  Her family didn’t just make it through, they grew. They grew in their love, their communication, and their joy.  While everyone was going through a difficult time, they intentionally made joy.

From there we move to the how and why behind her decision to start making Cozys for the Cure.  It’s a pretty incredible journey from making these gifts with her sewing machine to selling them in Walmart.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 

If you’re interested in buying a coffee cozy or a microwave cozy for your bowl, go to the Cozys for a Cure Website. 

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Jordan and her mom Nicole Phillips