Holly Hoffman, a cast member of season 21 in Nicaragua shares her CBS Survivor story of life during and after the show that is entertaining, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. She takes listeners on a roller coaster ride of emotion as she shares not only her reality show experience of being a survivor but also that of her journey growing up with an alcoholic and abusive father. Even if you don’t have experience with It’s the journey we

She was the last one standing in her tribe and the last woman of all the contestants.  While she didn’t win the million dollars, she certainly won a Million dollars worth of intangible gifts, lessons, insights, and more.  In this episode of The Rural Entrepreneur’s Gold, Hoffman shares the entrepreneurial life she created in rural South Dakota as a direct springboard from her time on Survivor and how she’s making a difference.

Holly Hoffman CBS Survivor
Holly Hoffman during the eighth episode of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA, on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

As a farm wife, swim coach, and stay-at-home mom to 3 very active and involved children, Hoffman’s life revolved around everyone else and their activities.  When they started moving on she was one of over 100,000 applicants and one of 20 that was accepted to try her hand at surviving the jungles of Nicaragua.  She was mortified as she watched the season upon her return of the extremely embarrassing act she pulled only four days into her season. 

She quickly learned that the show she thought was staged, with donuts behind the scenes, port-a-potties hidden in the trees, and better sleeping conditions beyond the camera’s view never existed.  The living conditions were as awful as you see on television and entirely too real.  She was ready to quit and give up when NFL coach and fellow tribe member, Jimmy Johnson talked her into staying.  It wasn’t easy, but the gifts she was given in her sacrifice to stay are immeasurable.

Holly Hoffman Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson saved Holly Hoffman from making a mistake she would regret for the rest of her life on CBS Survivor.

After leaving her season and recuperating Hoffman was asked to speak at Kiwanis meeting in Aberdeen, SD about 70 miles from her farm near Eureka, SD where she lived and raised her family.   That one speech led to another, and then another until she realized, this was a business.  Hoffman is now a motivational speaker, not just in the United States, but she has traveled internationally.

She acknowledges that life is made up of various challenges.  We are oftentimes faced with situations that seem insurmountable within each of us. There’s the ability to focus our thoughts and our emotions and our energy succeed in. If we just have the knowledge and the and of course the discipline as well.

She’s also an author of two books, “The Winner Within” and  “Write Yourself a Note”.   She not only offers encouragement and optimism but also a roadmap for self-discovery and also of spiritual enlightenment.  She’s a member of the National Speakers Association and a recipient of the Certified Professional designation.

If you would like to book Holly to speak and share her CBS Survivor story, she can be found on her website at www.HollyHoffman.com where you can also connect with her social media channels as well.  Her books are available on Amazon.  

Holly Hoffman with her grandchildren

This interview took place in a group called The Gold Miners, a group coaching membership group for rural entrepreneurs and difference makers that inspires members to make changes for a better tomorrow and mine their gold.

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